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Welcome to Uber contact number UK. We are a website dedicated in lobbying for a contact number for Uber in the UK. Uber list a contact number for drivers, as they need to essentially contact their employer, but passengers need a contact center for Uber because of past issues with passenger safety, lost property and general feedback. Uber has a responsibility to it’s passengers to provide a contact number in the UK to all passengers.

Rumors of a UK Uber Contact Number

Yes, there have been a number of rumors that there is a contact number for Uber that customers can use in order to speak to somebody about a recent Uber journey. In fact the rumors started in the US and the number suggested was:

Uber Contact Number

  • 800-353-8237
  • 800-353-UBER

Uber Contact Number UK have tried to do this in the UK and we can confirm that it unfortunately doesn’t work.

Uber Contact Number UK

The rumor of an Uber contact number started with a story in The Verge


We Need a Uber Customer Service Number UK

There have been a number of petitions that ask people to sign if they agree that Uber should have a customer service number in the UK. The petition at the time this page was created stands at 7,200 and counting. It looks like the petition will reach the target of 8k signatures with Change.org, but what actually needs to happen is a parliamentary petition that forces Uber to have a valid customer service number and a proper complaints procedure.

A Parliamentary petition will mean that at 100,000 signatures the issue will be discussed in Parliament and maybe we’ll see some change in how Uber does business in the UK, but until then we can assume that Uber will continue to operate with impunity and continue to violate the rights of passengers across the UK


The Only UK Uber Contact Number

There is actually an Uber contact number in the UK. It is only for Drivers who want to get in touch with Uber. I think in true Uber fashion they have only done things they are supposed to do from a legal point of view as opposed to a moral obligation. You can get in touch with Uber as a driver via the below:


Uber Contact Number UK

  • 07916 264207


Yes, it’s strange that it is listed as a mobile number, but according to their Google map listing, that is indeed the case

UK Cuber Customer Service Number

A screenshot of the Uber contact number listed on Google in the UK


Remember, if you ever want to find the Uber Contact Number in the UK, Google the following:

uber uk contact number london


Information on this website is kept up to date but this isn’t the official Uber website. If you have any questions, please email support@uber-contactnumberuk.co.uk – If you need would like to lobby for Uber to have a Uk contact number then somebody needs to create a petition in parliament. You can do this here